Big Money in Veganism

VEGANISM is growing and becoming mainstream, especially among millennials concerned about the environment, animal welfare and their own health. Vegans like vegetarians choose not to ... Continue Reading →

The Future Meat Is Vegan

Bill Gates is no stranger to innovation, troubleshooting, and looking to the future. And what this entrepreneur-turned-humanitarian sees is a future marked not by the consumption of ... Continue Reading →

The rise of the part-time vegans

Once veganism was widely associated with animal rights activists, the health conscious and the religious. But now more and more people are dabbling with a vegan diet, albeit temporarily. ... Continue Reading →

101 Reasons to Go Vegan

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21 Sep 2012 – Press Release ~ Young Vegans by R.AGE in Stories

These days, going vegetarian or vegan isn’t just a health consideration or religious practice. It is a lifestyle statement, a philosophy, a way of life. Thanks to the countless pop ... Continue Reading →
More Malaysians Going Green

09-Sep-2012 ~ Press Release “More Malaysians Going Green” by The New Straits Times Press

MALAYSIA has one million vegetarians and the numbers are growing, steadily. Most Malaysians who become vegetarians opt either for the lacto (who take dairy products), lacto-ovo (dairy ... Continue Reading →