President Message

Dr. Vythilingam, Malaysian Vegetarian Society,  PresidentVegetarianism The Way Forward

Greetings from the Malaysian Vegetarian Society (MVS)

Congratulations to Malaysia for the selection to organize two International events (under the IVU World Union of Vegetarian Societies ) :

  • 41th IVU World Veg Festival  2013 in Malaysia (International Vegetarian Congress (IVC)
  • 6th Asian Veg Union Congress 2013 (AVC) in Malaysia

When MVS organized the SEAVC (South East Asia Vegetarian Congress) in 2007, we were very apprehensive. Although it was a small scale congress, it was successful. Our appreciation goes to Indonesian Vegetarian Society, Thailand Vegetarian Society and Vegetarian Society Singapore for their undivided support.

Plant based diet is gaining grounds in the recent years and thanks to all the vegetarian groups which are tirelessly creating awareness  among the public around the globe. People are becoming more aware of the positive health benefits in vegetarian diet.

Meat consumption has been proven, through research, as a great contributor to cancers and it is our duty to continue to convince the public to increase the intake of plant based diet. It is an uphill task in our region, as meat and is available cheap and in abundance. These kind of food advertisements in the print, radio and television media are available to the very young and the old. Meat based fast food outlets from the West are sprouting everyday with advertisements attracting the young gullible population.

We need to focus on Community Health Care Programs with the aim of introducing the goodness in vegetarian diet. Singapore is a good example and the public there is very receptive.

The respective governments of the day need to support the Vegetarian Societies in an effort to promote Healthy Lifestyle amongst the citizens.

Finally, we should welcome Vegetarian Societies from ALL over the World to join the IVF & AVC in view of making Malaysia as a Vegetarian Hub.  We are looking for full support from agencies, organizations, companies and well-wishers to make this International Event successful in Malaysia in 2013.

On behalf of the MVS, I wish all the best to the organizing committee, members and all Malaysians, let’s make this event memorable and meaningful in 2013.

Best Wishes.

Go Green, Stay Healthy

Dr P Vythilingam
Malaysian Vegetarian Society
H: 0122997239
28th May 2012