Nestle Makes Animal Welfare Pledge


Nestle Makes Animal Welfare Pledge after dairy cow abuse.

Nestle has agreed to make sweeping reforms for animal welfare after a former supplier was documented abusing dairy cows.

Nestle, one of the world’s largest food companies based in Switzerland, said it has signed a partnership agreement with World Animal Protection, which means all 7,300 of the company’s suppliers of animal-derived products will have to comply with the organization’s tougher animal welfare standards. Nestle makes Jack’s, DiGiorno and Tombstone pizza brands as well as Hot Pockets and Lean Cuisine.

Mercy for Animals uncovered the dairy cow abuse in an undercover investigation in which an employee secretly took the video on behalf of Mercy for Animals at the Wiese Brothers Farm in Greenleaf, Wis., between Oct. 4 and Nov. 15 last year. The video captured employees beating and stabbing cows as well as dragging them with farm equipment.  Read more…..



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