Nestle Makes Animal Welfare Pledge

Nestle Makes Animal Welfare Pledge after dairy cow abuse. Nestle has agreed to make sweeping reforms for animal welfare after a former supplier was documented abusing dairy cows. Nestle, ... Continue Reading →

21 Sep 2012 – Press Release ~ Young Vegans by R.AGE in Stories

These days, going vegetarian or vegan isn’t just a health consideration or religious practice. It is a lifestyle statement, a philosophy, a way of life. Thanks to the countless pop ... Continue Reading →
More Malaysians Going Green

09-Sep-2012 ~ Press Release “More Malaysians Going Green” by The New Straits Times Press

MALAYSIA has one million vegetarians and the numbers are growing, steadily. Most Malaysians who become vegetarians opt either for the lacto (who take dairy products), lacto-ovo (dairy ... Continue Reading →

International VegFest 2013 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia & The Vegfest Phenomena By John Davis

Article by John Davis  Source: VegSource Before the 1980s it was all more serious – vegetarians and vegans had congresses and conferences. Then it all began to change: 1981 – International ... Continue Reading →

To Sun Daily on UM Vegetarians Left in the Lurch by Dr.Vythi

Dear Editor of Sun Daily, I would appreciate if this comment can be published. Thank you. Letter to Editor Refer “UM vegetarians left in the lurch”. Malaysian Vegetarian ... Continue Reading →

Greens for Life ~ Dr P. Vythilingam

As World Meatless Day falls on Friday, it’s appropriate that we review our eating habits, and reconsider the role of vegetables in our diet. IN the booklet, Why Vegetarian? A Beginner’s ... Continue Reading →