Refined Sugar Whitened with Bovine Bone Char ~ Bad News for Vegetarians

by Sonia Ramachandran (Source: The Ant Daily) PETALING JAYA: You are a vegetarian and naturally you assume your coffee, tea and egg-free cakes tailored for vegetarians are safe to ... Continue Reading →

The Future Meat Is Vegan

Bill Gates is no stranger to innovation, troubleshooting, and looking to the future. And what this entrepreneur-turned-humanitarian sees is a future marked not by the consumption of ... Continue Reading →

University of Oxford college votes for vegan meals to help fight climate change

Wadham College at the University of Oxford has passed a motion to ban meat products and only serve vegan food for five nights a week on campus. Founded in 1610, Wadham consists of 150 ... Continue Reading →

The rise of the part-time vegans

Once veganism was widely associated with animal rights activists, the health conscious and the religious. But now more and more people are dabbling with a vegan diet, albeit temporarily. ... Continue Reading →