Mark David Skipper

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Mark-David-SkipperMark David Skipper

Skip the Naked Health Detective

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“The Secrets of Vitality Stripped Bare” 

Gymnastics was Mark “Skip” Skipper’s first love, so it was no surprise when he was tipped to be youngest male to go to the Olympics. Sadly a major change in family circumstances at the age of 11 caused Skip’s father to stop his gymnastics training. This had a devastating effect on Skip who turned to food as a substitute for his passion.

Looking at him now you would never know that as a child he was allergic to nuts, grass pollen, dust and animals, asthmatic, covered in eczema, caught every cold, even pneumonia and then at 18 he was diagnosed as obese.

Unable to face being obese, Skip made a decision to return to gymnastics. He lost the excess weight, found a coach to work with every day and got the opportunity to be coached by a two-times world champion. With this coaching Skip won the British Gymnastics Champion title. But just weeks later tragedy struck during training when Skip fell and broke his back. All the doctors and specialists had the same diagnosis; Skip would never walk again, forced to be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life!

Refusing to accept this, Skip studied the power of the mind, the body and the spirit, learning ancient philosophies. His strength returned and just six months after the accident he taught himself to walk again to the sheer amazement of the medical profession. From then on there was no stopping him. Walking went to running, to jumping, to boldly returning to gymnastics and regaining his British Gymnastics title!

Skip discovered that most of his problems came from his lifestyle and diet. His physical fitness and attitude to life were always beneficial to his health.
On the TV programme GLADIATORS, he smashed the eliminator record by 14 seconds. He later formed an entertainment company sending dance troupes around the world, being personally responsible for all choreography, wardrobe, original music and management.